Trees are Good for the Environment

I just finished reading/perusing Particletree’s first edition of Treehouse magazine (all about Web development/design). The first edition is free and highly delectable. These are a few of my favorite things:

  • Clear, tight, simple design – as purty as a popsicle… (go with me on that one)
  • Fun, informative interviews with guys at the top of this game (this was probably my favorite part)
  • A relevant, saliva-inducing job listing
  • A “Best of the Web” link page, with 5 great links for each section (Code, Business, Design, Digest)
  • 6-months worth for $15… they’re definitely undercharging

Congrats guys, on a job well done. I’m thoroughly impressed on all levels. Oh, and you can use my contact form to set up an interview for the next edition…


  1. If you feel undercharged, you’re more than welcome to wire us some money =) Glad you enjoyed the magazine and the interviews. They were fun for us also.
    Chris Campbell is the author. Oct 4, 18:26 is the time. <
  2. Come on man…just give me to the end of the week. I swear…I’ll get you your money… Just don’t sent Vito out for me again… Please!

    Really though, that’s a quality publication. I’ll be thoroughly impressed (and loyal) if it keeps coming out with anywhere near that kind of quality.

    Keep up the GREAT work, or I might hafta outfit yas with some concrete shoes.
    Nathan Logan is the author. Oct 4, 18:32 is the time. <