Textpattern and PHP Processing

Unless you are interested in both Textpattern AND PHP (and know what both of those things are), this post will probably confuse and/or bore you (hopefully not to death).

To my great delight, I did some initial testing and discovered that Textpattern will handle direct, inline PHP! That means I can throw PHP commands directly into my posts, as needed (if you know essentially what I mean, but need some help on the implementation, let me know).

Which brings up another issue.

I am not at all sure how I should treat my scripts and experiments on this site. Do I setup a static section that contains them (and then post a notice on my blog when I’ve added something neat), or do I just create a post any time I create a new script or experiment and tag it appropriately?

Due to the somewhat limiting nature of posting within a blog, and the increased possibility of future screwy links (if I was to switch blogging systems, for example), I am leaning towards creating a lab for scripts and experiments (indeed, I’ve had /thelab/ set up in my directory structure as long as I’ve had /contact/).

Any thoughts, ideas, or opinions regarding this issue are appreciated.

Oh, and once I figure this out, I have some PHP stuff to post!

  1. You are smart. I don’t know what you’re talking about. My husband would though.

    That is all. :)
    Amanda B. is the author. Mar 3, 17:14 is the time. <
  2. Thanks Amanda B. (for the compliment and for stopping by)!

    And don’t sell yourself short – a bit of research and you’d have it down. Not that you don’t know this, but it’s not an issue of being smart, just an issue of the area of knowledge to which you apply yourself. I’m sure you’d pick up PHP in a flash.

    Nathan Logan is the author. Mar 3, 19:13 is the time. <
  3. I don’t speak the language you’re speaking in this section, but I did enjoy browsing your “faith” posts. Good stuff, the likes of which I don’t see much on blogs. But I’m relatively new to the whole blog world. Your intended is beautiful; all the best to you.
    Susie is the author. Mar 5, 22:33 is the time. <