Idaho Great Loans

I just launched for friend and fellow church member, John Moffatt. He wanted a site not only to drive some potential business his way, but more importantly, to act as a central information source for contacts already established.

My friend, Jared Smith, designed the front page and I did the remaining production design and front-end coding. It does not yet have a CMS integrated, but Textpattern is on its way.

The site validates as “Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict” (except for one page using the deprecated “target” attribute) and was coded with semantics at top of mind – accessibility should be stellar.

John was great to work with, as was Jared, and I think the results show. Take a look, and if you want, leave a comment.

  1. Great site, Nate! Mortgage lenders and realtors are two groups who could definitely benefit from better websites like this one.

    As far as weaning yourself from the target attribute on links, why don’t you just use JavaScript to add it invisibly? In the HTML add class=“blank” (or something like that) to all the links that should open in new windows. Then in your JS attach an onload handler that iterates through all the links in the document and applies target=”_blank” to any link with your new class. It will accomplish the same thing as adding the target to your HTML and your pages will validate to boot.

    Patrick Lee is the author. May 31, 20:45 is the time. <
  2. Patrick, thanks for the comment.

    I thought about adding it via JavaScript as you suggested, but then realized that it works perfectly well in any current browser and the only reason to remove it is for future-proofing. Along with Mike Davidson, I have to draw the line somewhere, and this is where it made the most sense to do so for me. But thanks for the suggestion – it’s definitely the best way to circumvent the validation problems on that page.

    Nice site, by the way. It looks like the Statesman found a great replacement. =)

    Nathan Logan is the author. May 31, 22:32 is the time. <