Textpattern Doesn't Have a Stats Plugin?

Curiosity got the best of me, as it often does with us Web folk, and I had the sudden urge to grab the stats off a site I built a little while ago. I logged into the Textpattern admin for the site and went to the logs tab. The problem with the TXP logs, I discovered, is that they aren’t aggregated. And that’s the information I want to see.

So I searched for a Textpattern plugin and ended up browsing all 25 stats/count plugins. I followed this up with a thorough perusal of the admin and admin-extensions plugins and the entire mods section. Nothing (although Google helped me find Robert Sable’s cool logs mapping plugin). This surprised me quite a bit.

Anybody know of a plugin or mod I’m missing? If not, I think there’s a market (of at least 1) out there for this plugin.

  1. I just use Mint.
    Or occasionally, Google Analytics.
    Michael Montgomery is the author. Mar 7, 12:18 is the time. <
  2. Yeah, I use SlimStat on this domain, but don’t have anything installed on the one I was trying to check.

    Most of the information I’m interested in exists in the TxP logs, so it seems like low-hanging fruit.
    Nathan Logan is the author. Mar 7, 12:26 is the time. <