Rockin' it at the Webmaster Jam Session

I’m here at the 2007 Webmaster Jam Session and have enjoyed it so far. Cody and I flew down here together and are staying at Nathan and Olga Smith’s house.

I may write more later, but so far, Jared Spool’s presentation was awesome, Garrett Dimon’s was really, really excellent, Jeff Croft’s was great, and Jason Beaird’s was good.

It’s a much smaller venue than SXSW – which is nice – and so far, has been more informative. Good times are being had by all.

Microsoft EULA (Enraging, Unfounded Licensing Atrocity)

I’m no Microsoft hater – I think they’ve done some good stuff over the years – but is it really in their best interest to give another reason to hate them? I mean, wasn’t Internet Explorer enough?

To make a long(er) story short, my family kindly gifted me a copy of Vista Home Premium (misnomer anyone?), which I hastily Boot Camped onto my MacBook Pro. In testing it with Parallels, however, I discovered that it doesn’t work, as they only allow Vista Ultimate or Business to run on a virtual machine.

Which begs the rhetorical question: other than sheer greed, why would you go and do something like that?

Microsoft, I’m really trying to not hate you, but in order to make that happen, you gotta show me the love every once in a while…

Idaho Great Loans

I just launched for friend and fellow church member, John Moffatt. He wanted a site not only to drive some potential business his way, but more importantly, to act as a central information source for contacts already established.

My friend, Jared Smith, designed the front page and I did the remaining production design and front-end coding. It does not yet have a CMS integrated, but Textpattern is on its way.

The site validates as “Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict” (except for one page using the deprecated “target” attribute) and was coded with semantics at top of mind – accessibility should be stellar.

John was great to work with, as was Jared, and I think the results show. Take a look, and if you want, leave a comment.

Mortal Enemies

If anyone ever invents the punch IE in the face machine, I’m first in line. That is all.

SXSW Interactive 2007

Off I go – tomorrow – to attend my second SXSWi. I’ll be there with the usual suspects and am really looking forward to it. If you happen to see me, make sure you let go with a rousing howdy (we will be in Texas, after all).

I hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I’ll be enjoying mine.

Textpattern Doesn't Have a Stats Plugin?

Curiosity got the best of me, as it often does with us Web folk, and I had the sudden urge to grab the stats off a site I built a little while ago. I logged into the Textpattern admin for the site and went to the logs tab. The problem with the TXP logs, I discovered, is that they aren’t aggregated. And that’s the information I want to see.

So I searched for a Textpattern plugin and ended up browsing all 25 stats/count plugins. I followed this up with a thorough perusal of the admin and admin-extensions plugins and the entire mods section. Nothing (although Google helped me find Robert Sable’s cool logs mapping plugin). This surprised me quite a bit.

Anybody know of a plugin or mod I’m missing? If not, I think there’s a market (of at least 1) out there for this plugin.