Money for Nothin' and Clicks for Free

That title might be a bit of a misnomer, but I couldn’t pass it up. Perhaps it should read something like, “Money for a Great Idea and Clicks for a Minimum of $100 Per Advertiser.” Not quite as catchy though, you know?

If you haven’t been following The Million Dollar Homepage, you should check it out. It’s the brainchild of a 21-year-old who thought he could sell pixels of advertising space on a page strictly devoted to advertising. The goal is to attract visitors just through the sheer genius of the idea. To date, it’s quite effective.

The part I love about it is that every single person who sees the page is confronted with the age-old question: ‘why didn’t I think of that???’

Just to attest to this kid’s smarts, he is listing the last 1,000 pixels on eBay. As of this writing, the auction is at $133,433.33, for a grand total of $1,132,433.33 (less eBay fees on the auction amount).

Brains over brawn, my friends, brains over brawn.

  1. well, if he only has 1,000 pixels left, he is going to run out of business and his opportunities are over. Couldn’t you start a new one but call it the 10 million dollar homepage? That way, he would say, “i am so stupid, I could have charged more and been richer.” It’s always about being there with the second – that way you can steal what you want with it and make more money. It’s the bill gates method. I double dog dare you to do it. what’s the worse that could happen? the people who read your blog would lament your ineptitude for a few weeks? big deal. Go for it!

    p.s. some new pics would be nice on the site – hee hee
    matt is the author. Jan 5, 19:44 is the time. <
  2. Matt, it seems that while good ideas are rare, imitation is not. and are taken. If you’re interested, though, you should purchase – that one is still available.

    I think this raises the question: why not and beyond? Who’s brave enough to try
    Nathan Logan is the author. Jan 6, 15:07 is the time. <
  3. It reminds of the magazine collages we had to make in like elementary and high school.

    If you really wanted the sequel to this madness to work, you could do the research. Write down every single advertiser who advertised for this one, wait until all pixels are sold + two weeks, then market it to all the same advertisers and the rest of the Internet. To the advertisers: “Remember the last time? blah blah blah…well now we’re doing it again.” And to the others: “Missed out on the last million dollar…” You get the point.

    Remember, you heard it here first.
    Brian J. Hong is the author. Jan 6, 15:37 is the time. <
  4. speaking of free advertising, check out this dog on your website:
    tim is the author. Jan 8, 18:23 is the time. <