Jeff Harrell, Scientists, and Presuppositions

The venerable Jeff Harrell (if not just for his writing style alone) makes some great points regarding the subversive attacks that some Atheists are waging against religion as a whole. His following statement sums up the article nicely (but should serve as your appetizer, not as the main course):

Make no mistake, people: There are folks out there who are conducting a quiet guerilla war against religion, and they’re cloaking themselves in the mantle of science to do it.

Give his article a read – it’s worth your time.

Personally, I find it interesting that the writer of the article that Jeff opposes admits to holding his own presuppositions. Namely, he writes the following (emphasis mine):

[Science’s] insistence on finding purely natural explanations, [traditionalists] maintain, threatens to drain the world of moral purpose and spiritual meaning.

The author reveals his hand. His assumption is that there are purely natural explanations, leaving no room for God in the equation, even if His presence is clearly demanded. With the assumption that there is an answer without God, it’s no wonder that the conclusions reached are sans-God, no matter the difficulties or inconsistencies present in them. His religion is naturalism (or Atheism), and that is the god he ends up worshiping.

To be consistent and meaningful, science must either admit its assumptions (which I believe it already has), or stay out of the realm of religion and philosophy. To date, it has claimed to be the voice of objective reason, when really, it is the voice of “naturalism to the grave!”

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