Things Not to Do at Work

Mistakenly take cold medicine of the “night time” variety.

Trust me, it’s not good for productivity.

  1. Feeling better yet?
    Cody Lindley is the author. Nov 11, 13:52 is the time. <
  2. eww…

    I remember years back when a buddy of mine took Nyquil one day on the bus to school… he was pretty much messed up all day.
    Jesse J. Anderson is the author. Nov 11, 14:42 is the time. <
  3. Hope you start feeling better than the Broncos are playing.


    p.s. – new pictures are cool when they are on your site.
    matt fearey is the author. Nov 11, 17:16 is the time. <
  4. Don’t care if you think I’m fibbing but I did the SAME thing two days ago (a desperate, horrible feeling and lack of options contributed to this conscious decision). Had a tough exam the next day but it was postponed since my professor wasn’t in the ‘mood’.

    College rocks :)
    Nik is the author. Nov 11, 20:04 is the time. <
  5. Wow, I slacked. Here goes.

    Cody: yep, feeling much better, thanks. A slight cough and some residual congestion is about all that is left. I’m just hoping my wife escapes without getting it like I did.

    Jesse: I know the feeling. The funniest part is trying to concentrate and respond to people when they ask you a question that requires some thinking. Good times.

    Matt: don’t get me started on the Broncos. 3 losses this season? Please. And as far as pictures go, you just hold on to your britches. They’re on their way.

    Nik: it’s okay that you’re fibbing – I appreciate you trying to relate. ;) Really, though, I thought mine was daytime/non-drowsy, so it really caught me off guard.
    Nathan Logan is the author. Nov 14, 13:20 is the time. <
  6. Nice!

    What happens if you work nights though?

    tim is the author. Nov 15, 03:21 is the time. <
  7. Tim, I’m no doctor, but if you feel guilty disobeying the title on the box, I would say to take the night time version and bring a pillow.

    Either that, or apply the old “it’s noon somewhere” mantra to your work situation. Whatever works for you, really.
    Nathan Logan is the author. Nov 15, 12:53 is the time. <