Rap Song about BSU Football

The Entertainment Editor at the paper where I work just had me listen to a rap song about BSU football. Yes, you read that right – BSU football.

It’s by a group called Mad Ro, and it’s called “Amp it Up!”

Say what you will about rap music (especially by white rappers) or BSU football, but how many teams have an unsanctioned rap song written about them? It’s good stuff:

Step to the blue turf and competition going [to] see curtains – for this we certain…

‘Nuf said, homes. Give it a listen and hit me with a shout-out, yo. Word.

  1. yo yo yo! That unveils some serious BSU bling. They have got some serious fushizzle in their bedrizzle yo.
    Broncos—Nice job tonight. Please, just keep it up.
    yo yo yo in the house,
    snoop dawg
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