HeMan Music Video

HeMan - Master of the Universe

If you're a child of the 80's (which I am), you're probably well-acquainted with HeMan. This video will reacquiant you.

And trust me - it is well worth your time.

[Edit: Thanks to Tim for the original e-mailed link.]

  1. Wow! I never knew that man at arms had those… feelings.

    lol, this certainly beats the nimoy bilbo video for pure strange factor!
    tim hettinger is the author. Sep 21, 14:54 is the time. <
  2. If I hadn’t already met you and Bree in person, this He-Man photo would make me question some things.

    But yeah, I remember the good old days of “By the power of Grey-Skull, I am Heee-Maan!” :)
    Nathan Smith is the author. Sep 22, 15:10 is the time. <
  3. Don’t tell me you weren’t laughing – ‘cause if you do, I’ll call you a liar. And then apologize (but still think you’re lying anyway).

    Nathan Logan is the author. Sep 22, 15:17 is the time. <