Oral-B CrossAction Power

Oral-B CrossAction Power toothbrush

In light of Mike Davidson’s recent hygiene-related post, I figured I should also do my best to contribute to the overall health of the Web community.

Brie and I recently read that vibrating toothbrushes have been proven to remove around 20% more plaque than their manual counterparts. Surprisingly, the study that discovered this used the cheapy $3 to $6 brushes, not the $120 Sonicare brushes.

Consequently (and because we both needed new toothbrushes), we purchased two Oral-B CrossAction Power toothbrushes (mine “emerald” and hers “magenta”). They are sturdy, surprisingly powerful, and quite effective. As a nice bonus, they only cost about $6 a piece and have replaceable heads and an easily-replaceable AA battery.

I have been particularly happy with the job this toothbrush has done on my back molars, which were always hard to reach, let alone brush, with manual strokes. We are both quite pleased thus far, and would recommend this product to anyone who wants to take a powered toothbrush for a spin without having monthly payments.

Feel free to share any further brushing insights.

  1. nate,
    I might have to consider this. My approach to tooth brushes has been – get the cheapest one, use it until the bristles are bent so far back tbat is brushing the oxygen in your mouth, and then buy another 79 cent special. But, you really have me thinking. Do I want to sanctify my teeth with an Oral-B?

    p.s. I think for an advertisement, you should put the picture of Brie that is up in the left hand corner right now (which probably won’t be there when you look). It is an ultra close up with her eyes crossed displaying a great shot of her teeth. This might convince people more to take the Nestea plunge and buy the brush.
    matt fearey is the author. Sep 23, 12:15 is the time. <
  2. Intriguing… I’ve always considered getting one of those nice SoniCare’s but they were way too expensive… I think I might have to check out this cheaper alternative.
    Jesse J. Anderson is the author. Sep 23, 19:55 is the time. <