An eye-opening view of being poor in the US (via Kottke).

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  1. I saw that post some time ago. It’s a fascinating look at one of the most glibly overlooked issues in our country.
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  2. Indeed. Especially by the church (despite verses like James 1:27).
    Nathan Logan is the author. Sep 13, 12:42 is the time. <
  3. I sent this link to my school’s intranet forum. Hopefully it will open the eyes of some of them, as to the great divide between how they treat their students (with insufficient insurance) and how well they pay their faculty.
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  4. Nathan: while I don’t know the situation at Asbury, I know that there are many Christian institutions that could stand to make some reforms in the way they deal with their money.

    Even more than that, however, I wonder how much of a difference Christians by themselves could make. John Piper talks a lot about this. He says something like, “If you are a Christian, why do you have the same house, drive the same car, wear the same clothes, eat the same food, and generally, have the exact same lifestyle as your neighbor? How can you be salt and light in this world if you are no different in any tangible way?”

    That’s a provoking question. And not that I think I have enough audience to start any discussion on the matter, I would love to hear anyone’s thoughts who happen to read this…
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