Movie Reviews

An e-mail conversation between my wife and me just transpired, and went something like this:

Her: What about The Brothers Grimm? Only 2 stars, but [some friends] liked it…

Me: Sounds good. The star thing is relatively meaningless to me (unless it’s like half a star). I disagree with the raters half the time, anyway. I’m bound to, since all they do for a living is sit around and watch videos. “This flick doesn’t connect closely enough to reality”? Right. Neither does sitting in a movie theatre 8 hours a day and then getting a paycheck for it. Hang up your popcorn, tub-o. Your blood is so filled with butter, salt, and JuJu’s that you need to be thinking harder about the quickest way to the hospital than the wittiest way to word your delusional ideas about the 7th movie you saw today.

Her: You should blog about that.

Yes, dear.