Icy Cool

just 1 example of icy wonderment, and it's their image, copywrite them

In looking for a domain name to house my portfolio and serve as more of a professional front, I came across a really, really neat site.

The look, feel, and interaction of the site itself is fine, but the nature and expertise of the business is truly amazing.

They call themselves icebox. And they really know their stuff. Be sure to check out the ice sculptures section of the site. Oh, and don't click that link unless you have at least 15 minutes to waste.

  1. You’re right that’s some kickin’ frozen blocks of water. It’s amazing what they do. I just wonder how effective ice pool set was.
    Tim is the author. Aug 18, 19:50 is the time. <
  2. I wondered the same thing. Maybe with gentle taps you’d be okay.

    I’d be interested to hear peoples’ favorites…including yours, Tim.
    Nathan Logan is the author. Aug 19, 13:28 is the time. <
  3. I had a tough time coming up with a domain name as well, as just about every variant of Smith was taken. So, finally I settled on SonSpring because it could be written in a pixel-font I was developing (seen on my desktops in the top-right). That and, it stands for Christ + New life (Son + Spring).

    What are some of the themes / words you’re thinking of for your new domain name?
    Nathan Smith is the author. Aug 20, 20:59 is the time. <
  4. Well, I’m honestly just not sure. I have thought of a couple kinda fun design ideas having to do with “ice box”, but there’s little out there. My domain name rules are something like this:

    1) Meaningful
    2) Shortish (not longer than 12-15 characters or so)
    3) Easy to remember/individual
    4) .com

    So that said, corresponding invalid ones follow:

    1) ColorSurprise.com
    2) IceBoxDesignStudiosIncorporated.com
    3) Design.com or WeWillDesignYourSite.com
    4) Anything.net

    What do you think? Are those pretty poor rules? Or can you think of something to fit there? I would like to build it around some sort of theme (ice box was a “cool” one I thought), but would be open to other suggestions. After literally hours of looking, I’ve temporarily given up…
    Nathan Logan is the author. Aug 22, 00:12 is the time. <
  5. Boy does that look cold
    Brent is the author. Aug 22, 14:55 is the time. <
  6. so after another 15+ mins gone towards the ice sculptures, the coolest thing in there is the Aquarium. It’s not the biggest (which are cool just for their scale), but it’s got that certian jene se qua that makes it really cool. Actually I do know, it looks like something compeltely real, just frozen. So cool =]
    Tim is the author. Aug 24, 00:08 is the time. <