Science and the Paranormal

I recently did a little reading over at The Skeptic’s Dictionary, and would recommend it to you for some thought-provoking ideas.

For instance, the article on control group study, double-blind and random tests includes the following:

The lack of testing under controlled conditions explains why many psychics, graphologists, astrologers, dowsers, paranormal therapists, etc., believe in their abilities.

Did you ever really consider that? That they actually believe in their abilities?

Personally, I hadn’t. Rather, I considered such people to be the ultimate shysters, doing their best to screw people out of their money or sound thought.

I’m sure there are practitioners in both camps, but it’s enlightening for me to see some as well-intentioned people, who just want others to be bettered.

By the way, my thoughts in this post are based on reading the article referenced above. That is, I am addressing those with ‘supernatural’ abilities who have been (or could be) essentially proven incompetent in their ‘gift’ by applying the scientific method (read the article if you don’t know what I’m talking about there).

Another interesting discussion (albeit entirely separate) could be had regarding whether or not such gifts truly exist…

  1. Yeh, people will belive in a lot of things one of which inevitbly being themselves.
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