The Postal Service and Miscellany

Although I’ve only heard 2 of their songs (3 if you count the remix of one of those), I think I have fallen madly in love with The Postal Service. Not I’m a groupie and will now chastise anyone who doesn’t know the lyrics to every song love, mind you, just a healthy appreciation for their stuff. Check ‘em out – you can even download one of their songs, and subsequently thank me for pointing you in their direction. Then again, I think they’re pretty popular, so I’m probably not showing you anything you don’t already know.

In other news, I’m not sure how I feel about this whole blogging thing. On one hand, it’s nice to be able to post whatever I want, whenever I want. But that’s just the thing – it’s not whenever I want. It’s (trying for) at least once a week (lest I lose the small amount of readship I have). Well, what if I don’t have anything neat to show or clever to say once a week? And therein lies the conundrum.

  1. sweet. The Postal Service is freaking fantastic, the band that defined pretty much the entirety of 2005 for me.
    Jesse J. Anderson is the author. Feb 7, 13:51 is the time. <
  2. I guess I’m behind the times, eh? =)

    But yeah, they are pretty incredible. The most I hear those 3 songs, the most I can’t wait to get their album(s).
    Nathan Logan is the author. Feb 7, 15:07 is the time. <
  3. Gonna check out the song, will let you know how much I love it later. Regarding blogging: I’m getting sort of burned out / sick of it myself. I don’t mean your blog, I’m just tired of writing in general (ironic, since I’m writing this).
    Nathan Smith is the author. Feb 7, 15:38 is the time. <
  4. The Postal Service is a fantastic band. They have a great story, too: it’s actually two guys in two different states; one guy wrote the music, then sent it to the vocalist who put the words on top. (Or was it vice-versa?)

    Another interesting thing is that the US Postal Service sued them for trademark infringement; the result was a settlement in which the USPS sells (well, links to, effectively selling) the band’s CD on their website, and the band endorses the USPS in some way. Which is obviously way better for the band than for the USPS, since it’s free exposure to thousands upon thousands of potential fans.

    (Can you tell that I like this band?)

    The Postal Service definitely has something of a singular genre, but another semi-similar artist you may like is Hunz. On that page the tracks “Sarah’s Song,” “Ocean from Rain,” and “Broken Wings” are all amazing. Another sort-of-similar but-not-really band to check out is Telefon Tel Aviv, particularly the album “Map of What is Effortless.”
    Anthony DiSante is the author. Feb 11, 03:23 is the time. <
  5. Nathan: perhaps you are getting burned out because you post like 3 times a day? ;) Kidding – I think it’s cool that you post often – it keeps people interested.

    Anthony: thanks for stopping by, man – I appreciate the info on The Postal Service. I’ll have to check out those other bands and see if there’s anything I want to pick up.

    Also, since Anthony stopped by, anyone reading this should know about his product called FileChucker. It’s a Perl/AJAX app that allows a user who is uploading a file (particularly a large one) to see a progress bar while they are doing so. It’s great stuff – I purchased it to use on a project I have in the works right now. Thanks, Anthony!
    Nathan Logan is the author. Feb 11, 11:22 is the time. <
  6. I don’t agree, baby.

    I’m so, so sorry.
    Briana Logan is the author. Feb 21, 15:14 is the time. <
  7. Anthony – actually USPS sells the album themselves on their website and I believe the benefit for USPS is that they get some additional profit for all cds they sell.

    Either way it’s nice to see 2 parties work out something to benefit each other in somewhat of a partnership rather than just getting sue-happy like most of the country.
    Jesse J. Anderson is the author. Mar 5, 03:32 is the time. <
  8. Ah, I see. That makes a little more sense then! Good deal all around.
    Anthony DiSante is the author. Mar 7, 11:40 is the time. <