RSS for Your Reading Pleasure

I just enabled RSS, through FeedBurner, on this site. If you don’t know what RSS is, you should read more about it.

Thanks to Jesse Anderson at Echo Faith for putting my feet to the fire to finally get this done. (If you haven’t already clicked the link to his site, do so – it’s a visual treat.)

You can find the link for my feed at the bottom of the page, or for a limited time only, right here.

By the way, if you’re a TextPattern user, this is exceptionally easy to do. Jesse pointed me to an article on it, but if you are using FeedBurner, all you have to do is append ?rss=1 to your URL, plug that in to FeedBurner, and watch people subscribe (it’s ?atom=1 if you’re publishing an Atom feed).


  1. Having known about the automatic RSS creation in Textpattern, I’ve been subscribed to your site for some time now, via Bloglines. That’s what’s cool about Textpattern: Even if the person running the site doesn’t intend for people to subscribe, unless they specifically turn off syndication, the XML feed still exists.

    So yeah, thanks to the cool Feedburner features, now everyone can stalk N8guy, and not just textpattern-savvy people. :)
    Nathan Smith is the author. Sep 20, 11:15 is the time. <
  2. You sly dog, you. Thanks for NOT telling me about it.


    Although I found out in a round-about way, it was nice to see that TxP makes it so easy to add RSS. Should I add an Atom feed, or does anyone use that?
    Nathan Logan is the author. Sep 20, 12:24 is the time. <
  3. Thanks for the props!

    I knew it was something simple automatically included in textpattern, just couldn’t remember what. =)

    Now I can continue being a lazy bastard and still keep up to date with your site…
    Jesse J. Anderson is the author. Sep 23, 19:52 is the time. <