Photo Yumminess (now with added galleries)

I guess I just went hog-wild with this Flickr thing, but now you have the long-awaited photo galleries. Yay.

As you may have noticed, the little sidebar chunk that had my photo sets (galleries) listed is now *poof* gone. It has been replaced with a neato Frito® chunk that holds 4 random photos. Forgive the slight bugginess you may currently experience – I took a couple shortcuts in order to just get the thing up and running. Before long, it’ll [Edit: The bugs have been removed. The code has been refined and optimized. The wood has been knocked. It should now] run like a showroom Ferrari. Or something.

Thanks for the inspiration, Dan. You’d better be careful, or I may emulate the rest of your cross-bred Flickr/ photo gallery functionality (you sly dog, you).

  1. Well I only now saw this post. If you wanted, I could send you the code for my gallery. It’s pretty (read: very) raw right now and isn’t finished. I had planned to release it as a WordPress plugin but never actually got around to finishing it.
    Dan Coulter is the author. Dec 31, 14:26 is the time. <
  2. Dan,

    That would be SWEET if you wanted to do that… You can use the contact form, if that’s okay. Otherwise, my e-mail address starts with my first name (Nathan), proceeds to my last name (Logan), and then is followed by the @ symbol and then our beloved

    Nathan Logan is the author. Dec 31, 16:17 is the time. <