Good Friday and Easter Designs

In case you missed the modified designs I put together for this past Good Friday and Easter, they are available for your perusal.

And thanks to Nathan Smith for pointing people in this direction. My traffic spiked – even on Easter Sunday. =)

Holiday Designs

I really like the idea of modified site designs to celebrate holidays. In fact, I like the idea so much that I decided to do a little something for Good Friday and Easter. They are the two holidays that hold the most meaning for me, so it seemed apropos.

Hold on to your hats folks (yes, both of you), it’s about to get a little crazy up in here.

Infinite Loop

It was a pleasant surprise to find a new site in my referrers this morning. Shawn did a nice little write-up of Godbit, a site to which I contribute (albeit not nearly as much as I should), wherein he linked to all the contributors.

Anyway, give it a read – it’s a nice summary of the vision of Godbit (or Godbot, as a friend mistook it).

Portfolio Update

FINALLY got around to throwing a bit more up in the Portfolio section of this humble lil’ site. I guess that’s something I should try to keep a better bead on, what with it representing my “professional” side and all.

At some point in the near future, I would like to tweak the whole thing quite a bit – just make it a lot neater and easier to peruse. The $247 question, of course, is not when, but if I’ll get around to it.

Meanwhile, just find it in your heard to appreciate the fact that it’s not as antiquated as it used to be.

You Know it's a Good Day When...

You’re #1 in Google search results for “Heman music video”.

Referrer logs can be funny things.

RSS for Your Reading Pleasure

I just enabled RSS, through FeedBurner, on this site. If you don’t know what RSS is, you should read more about it.

Thanks to Jesse Anderson at Echo Faith for putting my feet to the fire to finally get this done. (If you haven’t already clicked the link to his site, do so – it’s a visual treat.)

You can find the link for my feed at the bottom of the page, or for a limited time only, right here.

By the way, if you’re a TextPattern user, this is exceptionally easy to do. Jesse pointed me to an article on it, but if you are using FeedBurner, all you have to do is append ?rss=1 to your URL, plug that in to FeedBurner, and watch people subscribe (it’s ?atom=1 if you’re publishing an Atom feed).