Birfday #25

And to think that I felt old at 24! Actually, I think I started feeling old on my 22nd birthday. Wanna’ hear the story? Well too bad – I’m going to tell it anyway. Get ready for an edge-of-your-seat thriller. Especially if you’re wearing silk pants and sitting on a greased, down-sloping chair.

At 22, I came to a harsh realization. Bologna is not meat. Or no, that was age 2. The daunting 22 was the first time I turned a year older and didn’t really have anything to look forward to, other than motorized wheelchairs and senior citizen discounts. It was the first time I partially understood why old folk (that’s what they call us after 22) don’t like birthdays that much. It was only a partial understanding because of two things: presents and birthday cake (my mom’s red velvet cake deserves some heavy respect, followed by frenzied consumption). Excepting those two perks, however, this birthday thing means the coming of knees that predict the weather, teeth that watch me from the nightstand, and a digestive system that demands more daily fiber than International Paper.

But the thing that really preserved my sanity on my 22nd was the back-of-my-mind knowledge that 25 was actually the last time there would be any birthday-related benefits. So here it is – I can finally rent cars and get the last age-related discount on my car insurance.

Is is just me or is that a pretty anti-climactic ending? Renting cars? Please. The only time I wanted to rent a car was pre-18 (when I thought it would be fun to purchase the insurance and then go 4-wheeling) and on my 18th (when I ranted about the injustice of being a legal adult and unable to rent a car). They should revamp the system to make the perks go out with a bang. You know, illegal skydiving until you’re 25, or no free Daiquiri Ice until you turn 25. Stuff like that.

Oh well. AARP, you’ve got my number.

Anyway, I’d better get off the computer – I think I feel a storm-a-comin’.

  1. 25 is OLD?? Bah! I still felt young at 27, you have a long way to go before your senior discount kicks in.

    Happy Happy Birthday, and many blessings to you!
    kassi is the author. Jul 29, 17:12 is the time. <
  2. mmmm… I second the props to the red velvet cake. Now that’s a cake thats worthy of eating =]

    Happy b-day
    Tim is the author. Jul 29, 19:34 is the time. <
  3. HOLY CRAP !!!!!!!! man you are getting OLD!! I THOUGHT that 20 was old but 25 is ANCIENT..

    HAPPY B_DAY :)
    Brent is the author. Jul 30, 00:06 is the time. <
  4. heylo wuzzup man 25 is uh well ill giv you a little more credit than Brent did. lol hehehehe yea. well c ya l8er.

    Yo Bro in christ
    Riley is the author. Jul 30, 18:33 is the time. <
  5. Good Grief…...Your old enough to have gray hair..
    happy birfhday !!!!! :)

    Peace out
    Brent is the author. Jul 30, 22:43 is the time. <
  6. Renting cars, good point. I just turned 26, and I can’t think of anything eventful that happens at this age. At least at 25, you’re a 1/4 of a century old!
    Nathan Smith is the author. Aug 1, 13:59 is the time. <
  7. Well Mr. Optimism, at 26, you’re 13/50 of a century old!

    But really, being 25 isn’t as bad as I may have implied. In fact, so far, it’s been great.

    And for those of you who haven’t checked out the previous Nathan’s site, make sure you take a peek – some good stuff over there.
    Nathan Logan is the author. Aug 1, 14:09 is the time. <
  8. Happy Birthday man! Hope your weekend was fun.
    matt is the author. Aug 1, 17:44 is the time. <
    MARTIN is the author. Oct 22, 21:44 is the time. <