Ye Olde Book Baton

The lovable Cody Lindley has graciously passed me the Book Baton. So off we go, then, with this not-so-cleverly disguised chain letter.

Number of Books on the Shelves

I don’t have time to count, and more than that, my stash is currently located at a different residence (into which we will be moving at the end of September). I would guess in the 150-200 range.

Last Book Purchased

I’m not exactly sure of which book I purchased last, but I think it was an undisclosed marriage book. My memory fades quickly, I guess.

Currently Reading

I am just starting into A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken. If you’re married, or going to be, pick it up. It’s good stuff.

Last 5 Books Read

Since I’m not the best at finishing books, these are the most recent books from which I have read, even if I didn’t finish them…

Meaningful Books

The Bible (1st and foremost), Attributes of God (by A.W. Pink), Don’t Waste Your Life, and anything else by John Piper

Those Next in Line

Carry the baton with pride, for we do not know what tomorrow may bring. And because it’s better than doing so with shame.

  1. I’ve declared hicksdesign a meme free zone for a while – I had the feeling that I was talking part in too many! Sorry about that! :o)

    Besides, I haven’t read a book since Dave Gorman’s “Googlewhack Adventure” and that was back in March. No time for real books, just code manuals!
    Jon Hicks is the author. Jul 28, 16:56 is the time. <
  2. No problem, Jon. Thanks for getting back to me – I’m honored to have you here. This blog can now retire happy.

    Nathan Logan is the author. Jul 28, 17:09 is the time. <