Stopping By

It needed to be said, so Matt said it. And I couldn’t thank him more. Well, I could, but that would entail expending more effort than I am willing, given the situation.

Anyway, things are good, but busy. I am now happily married (it is truly wonderful) and playing some major catch-up at work, where we are relaunching the newspaper’s entertainment site. Much to do. Assuming I can get my part of the site ready to go by this coming Thursday night, Brie and I will be heading out on a rafting trip with her family at Hell’s Canyon. Fun will ensue.

Rest assured (since I’m sure it was keeping you awake at night), this site has by no means been abandoned, but witty, interesting posts may not be posted for a week or two. Come to think of it, witty, interesting posts may only take place after I have handed the site off to someone who is both of those things. But you get the point.

  1. I pretty much figured you were getting married, having a honeymoon and essentially having a life outside of this web box. :) Glad to know you are still alive and enjoying God’s blessings.
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