Bachelor Parties are Fun...

Rule #1: when attending a paintball bachelor party, make sure you avoid "the gauntlet".

You would think these guys to be a friendly, fun-loving group.

the paintball gauntlet lineup

Think again. They get results.

the bachelors after the paintball gauntlet

I'm on the left and Andy (the other guy for whom the bachelor party was being held) is on the right. You should see our bruises in the places not pictured. Ouch.

There are also 2 videos of the action. The first is Andy's gauntlet run (and is a 23.7 MB .avi). The second is my gauntlet run (and is a 25 MB .avi). Both are very large files, but are worth the watch if you have some free time. And yeah, I was a little peeved - it hurt like crazy.

Overall, though, it was a really fun bachelor party. Thanks to Brett for his great effort in putting it all together and making it a fun and memorable time.

  1. As a part of the founding fathers of the Bachelor Party Paintball Gauntlet—I honor and respect you. You are now worthy to enter into the sacred bond of marriage. You have endured pain and suffering—all for love. May your marriage be completely unlike the gauntlet. If you or Brie start bringing home paintball guns when you have conflicts to discuss, then you know you have gone down the wrong path to conflict resolution!!! Press on brother. I am so excited for you both.—Matt
    matt fearey is the author. May 26, 13:42 is the time. <
  2. Brie is not going to be so happy about those bruises. I really hope that this took place well before the wedding!
    kassi is the author. May 26, 17:43 is the time. <
  3. That’s just stupid.
    Cody Lindley is the author. Jun 13, 13:19 is the time. <
  4. It is time to deliver another phatty rebuke that one other has recently received ( It has been almost of month since you have updated your web page for the many thousands of devoted fans and readers of your life. Oh, you just got married? Oh, you have been busy? What? Do you sleep at night? You do? That is a great time to update your page. Hey, I am not talking about perfection here, but c’mon – blogging is no small enterprise. Peoples lives depend on this stuff. You have to be commited to being blogwise. Snap snap, let’s get to it!
    matt fearey is the author. Jun 17, 13:50 is the time. <
  5. Nathan Logan! Long time no see, how are you?

    Owwwwwwie. That looks painful, but great ideas for a bachelor party.
    Amanda B. is the author. Jun 24, 20:37 is the time. <