The Internet Says the Darndest Things

So here's the game - I supply the photo, you supply the caption (or description). That's about it - just try to keep it clean, por favor.

my incredulous look

  1. Who invited YOU?

    Stand down with that bleach, or else I’ll throw my lemonade at you…

    Duh…yes of course my teeth are as white as my shirt.

    I’ve done nothing…why do you ask?!
    kassi is the author. Apr 18, 13:36 is the time. <
  2. So I double dipped. What’s the big deal?
    you know is the author. Apr 20, 20:34 is the time. <
  3. So, what if I’m sucking my gut in—I am about to single-handedly crush this party cup – with the beverage in it. Can you deal with that?
    matt fearey is the author. Apr 21, 13:45 is the time. <
  4. No, I did not flush the downstairs toilet. Maybe it was the cat.
    suhweetnez is the author. Apr 21, 15:44 is the time. <
  5. Is that your peanut butter in my chocolate?!
    kassi is the author. Apr 22, 08:38 is the time. <
  6. Hehe, these have been great so far – I hope to see more.

    You all are so darn clever.
    Nathan Logan is the author. Apr 22, 10:27 is the time. <
  7. Of course I know I’m drinking mayonnaise…
    kassi is the author. May 1, 20:39 is the time. <
  8. My only chance of winning a staredown is to have this goofy look on my face! (Made ya smile, didn’t I?)
    Carol is the author. May 14, 11:33 is the time. <
  9. You don’t know what a liger is? There is just one in the Sierra Nevada zoo. Huhhhhhhhhhhhh….....
    Tina is the author. Jul 1, 19:24 is the time. <