Double Deuce Birthday Action

I was fortunate enough to share in two (count 'em - TWO) birthday celebrations yesterday. The cute and sweet Makala turned 8 and the cute and sweet Andy Long turned 23.

For Makala's birthday, we went to Red Robin and then to Brie's house where she opened our gifts to her and had cake. Sugar count: cupcakes (at least 2), random swabs of frosting, Pepsi, a fudge sundae, a piece of chocolate cake.

Makala loses a battle with the ketchup

she's not nuts about nuts

the wrapping paper doesn't stand a chance

She's a cutie, eh?

For Andy Long's birthday, he got home around 10 and we watched The Incredibles (highly recommended) and had a glass or two of wine.

All-in-all a good day. Happy birthday you two!

  1. She is cute! I used that same wrapping paper for my daughter’s gifts this year. Something about pink and orange to bring out the happy in birthday.

    Happy Birthday wishes to both!
    Kassi is the author. Apr 7, 12:18 is the time. <
  2. Yeah – credit goes to Brie on the wrapping job (and the shopping). She’s got the mad skills.
    Nathan Logan is the author. Apr 7, 13:31 is the time. <