LASIK: Seeing is Believing

Although this is April Fool's Day, I aint foolin'... I got LASIK yesterday afternoon! You can read about the specific process elsewhere, but let me just say that it's pretty cool.

some random person's eye - not mine, though

Apart from their abhorrently long domain name, I was thoroughly impressed with Hollingshead Eye Center. Look them up if you're in the area and interested in the procedure (the screening is free).

I went in for a check up this morning and discovered my eyesight to already be between 20/20 and 20/15. A lot of eye drops, some time, and a little healing, and I'll have Superman vision (x-ray and everything).

Watch out Metropolis, here I come.

  1. I keep coming back to see if you have posted something new…and each time I am met by your eyeball staring at me. I have to say that it is a great photo…freaking me out…but great.
    Kassi is the author. Apr 6, 09:58 is the time. <
  2. Hehe. Sorry to freak you out. =)

    I should have clarified – that’s not my eyeball. It would be, but I’m just too lazy to take one. I’ve got the blue eyes.

    As far as not updating for a bit, I know, I know. I’m working on a few different sites that all need to be up SOON, so add the wedding planning to that, and I’m hard pressed to find time to update here. But my goal has been to make sure that there’s at least some sort of post every week. I’ll try to maintain that.

    Thanks for coming back to visit!
    Nathan Logan is the author. Apr 6, 12:14 is the time. <
  3. No worries! I know how wedding planning can be. My husband and I did that just this past year, I don’t envy you the task. We’ll say a prayer for you and your fiancee!
    Kassi is the author. Apr 6, 13:37 is the time. <
  4. The prayers are VERY much appreciated. Thank you!
    Nathan Logan is the author. Apr 6, 13:42 is the time. <