My Truck

For some reason, I was possessed (not literally) to take what amounts to a shameless Toyota Tacoma product shot. This was taken up at the same spot where I proposed to Brie (about 10 minutes afterwards). I guess the fact that I'm paying a good chunk of change for this beastie every month, coupled with the given terrain and parking job, essentially mandated that I get a glamour shot or two.

my 2001 double cab V6 Toyota Tacoma

I think I'm liking these bigger images...

  1. No way! Is that a BSU plate? Those things cost like … a cadrillion dollars! You must be rich!
    Barrett is the author. Mar 1, 15:10 is the time. <
  2. You must be rich!

    I was before I spent a cadrillion dollars on my specialized license plate.
    Nathan Logan is the author. Mar 1, 16:30 is the time. <
  3. Hi,

    First, a MAJOR congratulations!!
    I went on my knees Nov. ‘93. And it was the best commitment I splashed in…

    Secondly, no offense, I like my trucks a little bigger :)

    Arthur Bahadourian is the author. Mar 10, 01:47 is the time. <
  4. That is a very awesome truck!
    AJ is the author. Mar 17, 21:13 is the time. <
  5. AJ, thanks – I thought so, too. Then I sold it. Other priorities, I guess. But it was fun while it lasted!
    Nathan Logan is the author. Mar 18, 01:21 is the time. <