Made it a full year without posting!

And you all said I couldn’t do it! Ha, well I showed you.

While I’ve never prided myself on my updating consistency here, I’ll admit that a year is a little excessive. Really, this year was a needed and welcome respite from blogging, at least in the “traditional” sense. Why, you ask? Well…

First, it was busy. It involved things like living in San Francisco, getting involved in a great church in the Bay Area, meeting and marrying the woman of my dreams, going on a 3-week trip mission trip to Africa, moving back to Boise from San Francisco, buying a house, living in Hawai’i for 2 months, and all the rest of the busyness of life. Overall, I have seen God’s goodness in the past year more abundantly than ever before – I have been so ridiculously blessed. He is amazing.

Second, Facebook. Facebook is really pretty great. A huge waste of time, yes, oftentimes, but also a great way to connect with people. So many are using it and it’s incredibly easy to send updates on what’s going on at work, in life, or on the Web in general. There is something efficient about a single community to see what’s going on with others and to let others know what’s going on with me.

Third, Facebook. Yes, again, but for a different reason. While I didn’t used to care about this, Facebook has the huge benefit of tightly-controlled privacy settings. I can limit exactly who I want to see what’s going on with me. It could be argued that this is a false sense of privacy, but really, I’m not going to spend my time paranoid about the person who would go to extreme lengths. For all intents and purposes, if I don’t want you to see what’s up with me on Facebook, you probably aren’t going to. And that differs from this site.

So that leaves a bit of a hanging question, I suppose. Will this blog continue?

And really, I don’t know. Perhaps it has served its purpose (a holdover until Facebook?); perhaps it has a bright future ahead; perhaps it’s a good place for a portfolio; perhaps it will soon be something else entirely. Since you are reading this, what are your thoughts on what it could/should be?

  1. I think it should be used to blog about Logan babies…

    Shannon is the author. Jul 20, 21:34 is the time. <
  2. I think the independent blog is a huge chore, so more power to ya if you wanna stick with Facebook. I think the idea of a personal website excited me, but I don’t think I’m up for the task anyway!

    Luke is the author. Jul 27, 23:55 is the time. <