Us at Christmastime

The girlfriend and me (again)!

I’m catching some flak at work for
1) having a blog,
2) posting pictures of my girlfriend there, and
3) being severely outclassed.

Not one to deprive others of ammo, here’s another picture of that beautiful girl (and I’m tagging along, too).

And no, I’m not as fat as I look there. The camera + down jacket adds a couple…hundred pounds.

Thanks to my brother-in-law for taking the pictures and for posting them at his site. The original is a bit darker and oddly enough, seems to underemphasize my muscular build (but Photoshop and I took care of that).

  1. Ah, to be in love.
    Cody Lindley is the author. Jan 18, 10:29 is the time. <
  2. I hope that one day I can be cool like you and have a weblog and post pics on it.
    alicia is the author. Jan 19, 01:22 is the time. <
  3. Alicia: one day maybe you can be…


    Cody: indeed!
    Nathan Logan is the author. Jan 19, 11:35 is the time. <
  4. well, now I know you’ve been online since I wrote you back and you didn’t reply…. will it be another year?
    alicia is the author. Jan 21, 02:43 is the time. <
  5. Sqeeeak! You guys are very cute.
    Amanda B. is the author. Jan 26, 14:55 is the time. <
  6. Amanda, thanks! You can see how I was immediately snagged by her smile… (and eyes, and cute cheeks, and everything else…)
    Nathan Logan is the author. Jan 26, 15:06 is the time. <
  7. Nice! Very Nice! Know try not to screw it up…
    I’m just joking!
    Or am I?
    Claudius is the author. Feb 4, 18:36 is the time. <
  8. Alright… Claudius is pretty stupid… he can’t even spell “Now!”
    Amy Stone is the author. Feb 5, 01:01 is the time. <
  9. Amy, I wasn’t going to say anything…

    Nathan Logan is the author. Feb 5, 12:54 is the time. <
  10. OK I speak two languages people!!!!!!
    Claudius is the author. Feb 9, 00:48 is the time. <

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