10 Things San Francisco has Taught or Reinforced

  1. San Francisco has A LOT of amazing food options and vegan/vegetarian/organic-only eaters.
  2. I still despise uncooked onions, laundry, ironing, cooking for myself alone, and cold rain.
  3. Chips and salsa can indeed comprise a fulfilling dinner.
  4. There’s nothing to make me appreciate what I have more poignantly than to not have it.
  5. Being “fashionable” is a lost cause for me – especially here.
  6. There are some amazing people who I would have previously written off because they are “fashionable”.
  7. I desperately need love, people (you), and Jesus.
  8. Public transportation and recycling are gratifying, frustrating, and anomalous.
  9. The quickest thing to bring a tear to my eye (still) is seeing a picture of my nephew and realizing that I’m missing watching him grow up. He’s crawling now.
  10. I’m thankful for the new experience and its valuable lessons. For real.
  1. why ya gotta try and be all deep and stuff. :)

    Jason Burns is the author. Jan 30, 15:55 is the time. <
  2. Malachi loves his unky!

    Bridget is the author. Feb 11, 10:54 is the time. <
  3. Dude who’s that guy…. “Hi, I’m from Idaho!”

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  4. ‘Frisco has changed you man, you are never online!!

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