New Job, City of Residence

It’s funny how quickly things change. Life is going along as expected and then BAM – next thing you know, you have interviewed close to 10 times with a single company (including phone and on-location), been offered a job, accepted it, and decided to move to San Francisco the next month. I’m sure you can relate. And even if you can’t, such is the case for me.

Come Christmas, I’ll be finished with my enjoyable tenure at SUPERVALU (it’s still annoying to write it in all caps), and less than two weeks away from starting at Fluid, working for a great company with some truly stellar folk, including my good friend, Cody. I wasn’t looking for a new position (this has been a great spot for me – and if you’re interested, there’s a great spot here), or even to move, but the position came up and I just couldn’t refuse the opportunity. Amazingly, the job is one where I have the option to work remotely (telecommute), but I thought the San Francisco urban experience would be good for me personally and professionally, so I decided to leave the comfort of Boise and venture out.

How am I feeling about it?

Scared, Sad, & Thankful. I find it interesting how much this change has yielded true appreciation for the things and people I have here. I’ve been given so much through God and others. There is much to love and miss in this place, and probably some regret, or at least a valuable lesson, to be had for not cherishing that more. I have such an amazing support system here – so much overflowing love. Plus, Idaho just rocks – let’s just say you don’t need a permit and a 3-month waiting list to go camping.

Excited. Much lies on the horizon and I trust that it will result in all sorts of growth. I look forward to learning more about myself, my chosen profession, my faith, and the world. From what I hear, an urban experience provides a unique perspective on lots of things. Plus, San Francisco seems to be quite the city. It’s beautiful, has the ocean right there, contains a billion and one things to do, and has things that Boise lacks, like ethnic diversity, human diversity, usable public transportation, and more than a couple good choices for Thai food.

Rushed. Amazingly (if things go according to plan), I’ll already be living and working in San Francisco this time next month. Wow. From accepting the offer to a completely new situation in less than a month. Needless to say, there’s LOTS to do before then, particularly given the holidays and a short family vacation at the end of this month. The list is large, but I thought I’d start to compile and categorize it here. That way if I miss anything major, you can let me know.

Uniquely Boise or Idaho

  • Eat a veggie bagel sandwich at Blue Sky Bagels
  • Throw a snowball (not too many opportunities for that in CA)
  • Talk to my renters
  • Take some pictures
  • Get Bangkok Thai’s warm purple sticky rice, cold coconut ice cream, and cashew dessert
  • Go to a free, in-the-mountains-of-Idaho hot springs
  • Finish Into the Wild (and return it to the Boise Public Library)


  • Get the Jeep ready to roll (hello, mechanic)
  • Change my motorcycle’s oil
  • Purchase motorcycle hitch carrier
  • Decide between taking the road and mountain bikes (just heard today that there’s a Napa Valley mountain bike trail…)
  • Figure out how to best pack the bicycle
  • Store or give away all the stuff I’m not taking
  • Pack the Jeep
  • Plan Boise-to-San Francisco road trip (Redwoods, perhaps?)

At Bay

  • Research San Francisco churches
  • Decide on roommates and an apartment in San Francisco

People, My Favorite

  • Maximize time with immediate family
  • Enjoy time with Idaho-based extended family
  • Take my grandparents out for dinner
  • Spend good time with friends
  • Express my love to those close to me
  • Pour one for me, one for my homies
  • Say my goodbyes
  • Shed a tear, perhaps two

And Finally…

  • Start life in a new place

Keep me in your prayers. If you’ve read through this, chances are that I love and appreciate you very much – I hope to see you soon. Meanwhile, I guess I’ll have to start doing a better job of keeping this place up-to-date.

  1. Dude, that’s awesome. I hope that SF is a good change of pace for you.

    Nathan Smith is the author. Dec 11, 19:06 is the time. <
  2. Best of Luck to you Nate! You’ll need to update your blog with some SF overtones.

    Joe is the author. Dec 11, 20:38 is the time. <
  3. Hey Nathan,
    I’m from San Fran – you will love it. Let me know if you need a few good churches (I know of several of the pastors).

    Enjoy the change!


    Brandon is the author. Dec 11, 21:35 is the time. <
  4. Hey Nate,
    Speaking as one who has moved seven times in the past decade, I can definitely relate to your conflicting mix of emotions. But I’m confident that this will ultimately be a great personal and career move that will really expand your horizons. San Francisco is an amazing place, no doubt about it. Especially for people in the high tech industry. Take care and best of luck!

    Patrick Lee is the author. Dec 11, 22:26 is the time. <
  5. I’m very excited for you. I can pitch in with a few favorite spots, like the back-alley Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory in Chinatown, Fentons Creamery in Oakland (ice cream and sandwiches), and the Point Reyes National Seashore for hiking and biking, or just hanging out (the Bovine bakery in Pt. Reyes comes to mind). All the food references…I must be hungry. :)

    Congratulations, and God bless.

    Bob is the author. Dec 12, 14:31 is the time. <
  6. We are excited for this new adventure and will keep you in our prayers (goes without saying). Already missing you so much and loving you even more! There will be a big void without you.

    Mom is the author. Dec 13, 17:52 is the time. <
  7. Welcome! Sure I’m a little biased, but SF is one of my favorite cities – just keep the Jeep in the garage (if you have the luxury of a garage or parking space) and use public transportation. I’m sure it’ll be a good experience for you.

    Have a safe trip down. Take care.

    - jose

    Jose is the author. Dec 18, 01:59 is the time. <
  8. Nate- Heard about the job through the grapevine, it sounds like quite the change for you! I think you covered all the bases pretty well in your blog as far as moving goes. The best thing you’ll do is find a good church to plug into with people your age and in your life stage. :) Of course, being away from family is never easy, but God always seems to provide ways to connect with them. Way to go for embracing your dream!

    Stephanie is the author. Jan 1, 01:36 is the time. <
  9. You left one thing off your list: hang out with Laura and collect your Christmas present before she moves to a different continent.

    Definitely drive through NorCal. I HIGHLY recommend staying at the HI Hostel just outside of Crescent City, right on the beach in the midst of the Redwood forest. It will be an experience you will never forget.
    Also let me know if I can put you in touch with some great friends in the Bay area – good old fashioned goofballs who love food and will keep you smiling!

    You are being guided and watched over…just follow your heart and you will be blown away by how much peace and happiness life has to offer you!

    Laura Parsons is the author. Jan 1, 13:16 is the time. <