9/11 for Christians

It seems that what Americans want is health, not holiness; safety, not salvation; wealth, not worship. In short, Americans wants God’s blessing, but they don’t want God.

It’s a good article (as is its precursor). Please read.

  1. Thanks for your kind approval, Nate! I posted the last blurb in the series (part 3) yesterday, if you’re interested. Also, take a hop around my blog roll if issues in political theology are interesting to you—particularly Harbinger and ThinkTank.

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  2. That is a good quote by the Ravi Zacharias of Idaho. It won’t be too long until we see a book written by this sharp Indian pundit.

    We should have taken some pictures of the Oregon trip to post on the page. Next time remind me not to be such a panso and forget my digital cam. yours,
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