Adelaide Procter on Thanking God

Listening to Christian radio today at lunch, I was blessed to hear the "Truth for Life" program. Alistair Begg had some great things to say, but I found a couple stanzas from a hymn he recited to be moving. The hymn is "My God, I Thank Thee" and the first stanza goes like this:

My God, I thank Thee, Who hast made
The earth so bright,
So full of splendor and of joy,
Beauty and light;
So many glorious things are here,
Noble and right.

So true - and a great reminder of God's goodness. But even more meaningful to me was this, the third stanza:

I thank Thee more that all our joy
Is touched with pain,
That shadows fall on brightest hours,
That thorns remain;
So that earth’s bliss may be our guide,
And not our chain.

In the enjoyment of good things, it's all too easy to become miopic in the tireless pursuit of them and meanwhile, forget the Giver of them.

If you are interested in catching the message (which was quite good), look up the message entitled, "Give Thanks - Part A".