Jason Wolin on Pursuing God

I was blessed to have breakfast with my pastor and friend, Jason Wolin, this morning. I was hugely encouraged by him, as always, and wanted to share with you and record for myself this loose quote:

In terms of pursuit, my relationship with God is just like my relationship with my wife. I don’t have to buy her flowers or give her a back rub today, but I do have to pursue her. It’s the same way with God – outlining a specific action that must be done in a specific time frame quickly heads down the path of legalism, but I must be pursuing Him in some way.

He said it much more eloquently, of course, but I had neither my laptop nor a recorder with me at Cracker Barrel. I hope I at least conveyed the idea without introducing anything wrong. What I took away from it is that a question I can ask at any given time is “how am I pursuing God right now?“ And that gets at the heart of the matter for me much more quickly than “did I read my chapter today?