What do I mean by "faith"?

The cross

In perusing my site for potential improvements, I could not help but notice that the faith section is not only lacking, but is also misrepresentative of my thoughts and feelings on the subject.

My faith is actually the foundation of everything else in my life (including this site and everything on it).

But the word “faith” does not go far enough to illustrate what I mean. It is not specific enough.

You see, I’m not just talking about the Dictionary.com definition of faith, which is, “confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.” I’m talking about confident believe in the truth of one person. Exclusive belief. And not only that, but exclusive belief resulting in action (which, in this case, is synonymous with devotion).

In a word, I’m talking about a relationship.

You may already see where I’m headed, but when I say faith, I mean a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. A devoted relationship to the one and only true God. He is, after all, the exclusive way to Heaven. This is the good news of the gospel.

I believe the passage that says that “faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen”, and therefore, look forward to Jesus’ return, know my current standing before God, and am confident of my eternal destination.

Although I know these beliefs may not win me any popularity contests, I believe them to be what the Bible teaches, and more importantly, truth.

So what does all that mean?

First, I am not here to be judgmental. I did not earn my salvation, it was a free gift of God. It is freely available to all who would choose to accept it. My job here is not to make you read your Bible, obey the speed limit, or celebrate Easter. Rather, it’s to tell you the truth about our coming King and plead with you to devote your life to Him.

Second, no matter how hard any of us try, we cannot change reality. We can doubt all we want, even to the point of absurdity, but the fact remains, the truth is out there. Our purpose here is to seek after, and eventually discover and follow, truth. I believe that what I have shared here is that truth. Search it out yourself, but know that at some point, you will have to answer for your choice.

Third, I’d love to talk to you about any of this. Again, I’m not interested in screaming at you for not making it to church on Sunday; I’m interested in talking to you about what we both believe about truth.

So now it’s on the table. What will you do with it?

  1. I hope someday to express my faith just as eloquently as you have.
    Kassi is the author. Mar 4, 14:00 is the time. <
  2. Kassi, thanks.

    As far as expressing your own faith, just be genuine – the rest will work itself out.
    Nathan Logan is the author. Mar 4, 14:07 is the time. <