John Piper on Christian Witness

I can't say it better, so here's a convicting and moving excerpt from John Piper's message at the 2008 T4G conference (catch the MP3s if you get a chance):

My desire and my prayer for you is that your life and your ministry will have a radical flavor. And I say this for the glory of Christ - the world is not going to glorify Christ because they see that Christians are wealthy and healthy and prosperous.

Very simple reason why - that's what they live for! So you use Jesus to get it? They use other means to get it. They're not impressed. Jesus is the ticket. When the show starts, you throw the ticket away. They don't need your ticket - they're not impressed. I'm saying what I'm saying because I want them to be impressed. They're not impressed with us - prosperous, wealthy, safe, middle-class, do-what-everybody-else-does people. Don't build a church like that! Don't go there - don't spend your life like that. It will be wasted. You will have lived it.

My desire in prayer for you is that your life has a radical flavor. Some extraordinary love - something risky - some crazy sacrifice that nobody can understand, including mom - something salty and bright.

  1. Well said. Thanks for sharing this quote. I hope my life has that kind of radical flavor, but I fear that it’s often not the case.

    Andy is the author. May 6, 18:16 is the time. <
  2. I was at t4g and heard/saw this. Piper moved me to tears.

    Have you read Don’t Waste Your Life?

    TimK is the author. Jun 1, 19:28 is the time. <
  3. Tim, I have read it, and I need to read it again. Thanks for the reminder.

    I’m simply tired of living for all the same things – money, success, comfort – that the world lives for. Nothing satisfies but Jesus himself.

    Nathan Logan is the author. Jun 1, 23:49 is the time. <